Your girl got a job! | Work hard play hard

So, your girl got a job! You can’t even imagine how excited and grateful I am. And, might I add – a pretty freaking good one too! One I can appreciate, learn and grow from with the flexibility to remain in my lane and focus on my ambitions!


I’ve managed to forget my ID’s (which, I probably need), get my kids ready for school x2, stain my dress (great), shove every electronic I own in my bag and put my babes safely on the bus all before heading to work at 8:45 AM. Damn! Moms, I applaud ourselves for still looking cute after * all * of that. Mad props.


With the limited resources and no connections to style or fashion related work in the South Jersey area you could imagine how ecstatic and gratified I am to find a job I enjoy, stay creative and thrive in. I mean a BOSS needs that money to provide for her family and fuel her dreams! You know what I’m saying?


We’re talking about finally saving, traveling more (from work to family), getting out of debt, more family outings, buying the kids new clothes, shit, buying myself new clothes! Just incredibly grateful and blessed to have this opportunity and contribute to our finances and saving for our future. Wish me luck!


It’s been cool to experience being a stay at home mom but your girl needs to work! If I’m not styling or backstage for a runway show, I * need * to be in action somewhere. Not including my bed.


There’s something about me that needs to feel accomplished, successful, growing, prospering! Maybe it’s the fact I was a teenage mom and I have my dads voice instilled in my head to defy the odds. Or, the fact that I believe in myself SO much – that one-day I will and can be somebody – the chance to share my story and talents to inspire others – make my children proud.


As a mom, my schedule is already busy between baseball, religious education, hip hop dance class, homework, laundry, a clean home, breakfast, lunch, dinner… shall I continue? It’s a job within itself! Husbands take note and appreciate your wife. We do A LOT.


I need work to keep myself busy (extra busy), prioritizing my family, life, goals, finances, desires and loved ones. And, let’s be honest – away from drama! I don’t have time for that. No negativity here please. We’re only spreading love, inspiration and gratitude in this household.


Sorry, getting slightly off topic – your girl got a job! It’s been a rough beginning this year but we are back on track, living life and on a mission to build an empire for my babes! God always has a way to work everything out – good and bad. Sacrifice and gratitude will always bring success. Work hard play hard!


Be sure to share, hit me up on social media, live life, follow your dreams and get to work!


If there’s a topic you want me to discuss, share about myself or have a style question – holler at your girl!


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