We’re not perfect | Couples therapy

I felt our relationship was perfect. We often go on dates, communicate rather well, live life to the fullest and do the dirty regularly – if you know what I mean? Sorry babe. I’m probably being a little too open for his liking. But was it enough?


We obviously had our moments of hate and love. Everyone does! Like all marriages, we have our challenges, flaws, discontent and fears. Which always led into arguments. Though we fought regularly we always over came them. Now I wonder if we really did? Or, did we just brush it on the side for the sake of our kids?


Putting our problems aside would allow our feelings to build up: Financial stress, work, life, friends, providing for our children, the list goes on… With all that accumulation you can only imagine what would happen.


I’ve come to realize, even the slightest tension, smallest fights and greatest loves need help to mend, rebuild and rekindle. Allow someone to look in and see your issues from their perspective professionally and know they have your best interest at heart. They’re rooting for us!


I am grateful we both put our pride aside and took the step to give couples therapy a try. Our first session was amazing. The therapist allowed us to see what we couldn’t. It was a great, amazing, life-changing reminder of how far we have come our 11 years together, what incredible young parents we have been to our children and the strong foundation we share as a family – our love and faith.


You can hear these praises from your spouse, parents and friends but to hear it from someone who is meeting you for the first time and providing their professional judgment and opinions on you, it was overwhelming. I was prepared for some serious constructive criticism but was admired instead. We left our appointment with great admiration and resilience for one another and our marriage.


Though you may feel lost and unsuccessful at your point in life, we need to look at what we have accomplished. Look at how far we’ve come! What incredible kids we have. What we have managed to do and succeed throughout every challenge, heartache and pain – we rose above it all for our family and ourselves.


Never lose yourselves in the mix of other people and their outlook on you. Focus on the present, set realistic goals, remove *all* the negative from your life and love one another to the fullest. At the end, you are all each other have.


No matter how small or big your problems may seem, don’t be afraid to seek help. You must learn to help yourself before you can help others. There is always hope and reason in everything you encounter and do. Don’t run away from your problems – face them with great dignity.


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  • Idana

    I can’t hear aniythng over the sound of how awesome this article is.

    • Ariella

      Thank you so incredibly much! I hope it inspired you in many ways! xo Ariella

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