To all the BADASS women | My weekend in NYC

You know what? I’m pretty freaking amazing! Not to seem all conceited – cause I’m really not. But, for real though… I am amazing! Mistakes, personality, stretch marks, loose skin and all – amazing!


It only took my husband to tell me that for the past 11 years, a few friends to not appreciate my worth and a weekend spent in New York City with one of my favorite people in the world. I feel like I’m on an all time high! Obviously. I just told you I’m amazing like 10 times. I feel *so* inspired, empowered, reinvented and blessed.


It felt incredible to be back in my element – styling and just being on set. Besides being a wife and mom it provides me with a greater purpose. My purpose! We will always be a mom or wife (whatever it may be) but your talents give you so much more – a sense of being and fulfillment. Styling and sharing my story with all of you does that for me. And, that makes me feel absolutely incredible! I mean, happy wife happy life right? You let us know babe.


Within two days, I’ve learned to accept who I am, who I want to be and what I want to accomplish. I love and give so easily I tend to get distracted and lose sight of myself. Set yourself boundaries and those who are truly meant to be in your life will stay. You do not have to please everyone. You are your number one priority! I’m not saying to be a complete b-i-t-c-h but love and give generously with out losing you!


Yes, I love to get dressed up, drink from time to time, dance my ass off and be a freaking human! Yet, I love a clean home, sex with my husband, prayer before meals, church on Sundays and quality time with my children. I may not be your average mom but all these things make who I am and benefit my well being while chasing my dreams. Is that such a bad thing? Remain true to yourself and embrace it. Embrace you!


I want each of you to get to this point in your life. In case no one has told you yet, you are amazing. Whatever your struggles, flaws or situations may be – get over it! You only live once. And, let’s face it we’re not getting any younger. Don’t let anyone’s thoughts or depiction of you get in the way of your happiness. Their opinion of you does not matter. Your personality, beauty and flaws are what set you aside from everyone else. Your loved ones got you. Put it all in the past, forgive, embrace you and live your life!


Because, let me tell you – I am an *amazing* person, wife and mom. We can’t allow the judgment; deceit and portrayal others have of us diminish our shine! Know your worth, love who you are and continue to be a BADASS!


What I wore:


Jacket Armani Exchange | Sweater and Jeans H&M | Shoes Nike | Bag Coach | Scarf 5 Below


Be sure to look out for Nikki Poulos Spring and Summer 2016 collection on HSN and TVSN soon!

  • Fannie

    It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exirptese answers. Thanks!

    • Ariella

      I am always skeptical to share my thoughts but glad in most cases, it inspires and reaches someone in need to hear it. Focus on all the positive and follow your dreams! xo Ariella

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