So, I was on Project Runway Junior! | Interview with designer Samantha Cobos

February 4 was the finale of Project Runway Junior! If you haven’t watched it, do it now! The designers are amazing and all under the age of 17! Can you believe that? Insane! Young designers competed to be showcased during New York Fashion Week and win a grand prize.


I was fortunate enough to work alongside one of the inspiring designers (my fave) Samantha Cobos during the finale show at fashion week! It was an *amazing* experience! Thank you to Heather at Style Unleashed for the opportunity. The talent each of these designers possessed was incredible! Their age, determination for success and capability were in awe! Each collection was so well done you would have never thought a teenager sewed, stitched and designed it. I don’t know how the judges made a decision. I was honored and grateful to be Samantha’s right hand girl and stylist backstage during her showcase!


Allow me to introduce this sweet and extremely talented babe, Samantha Cobos!


Name: Samantha Cobos
Age: 17
Profession: Fashion Designer


I’m a 17 year old girl from Queens, New York who has always been interested in the creative field. Whether it’s fashion design, music, art or photography, it’s always been a passion of mine. Personally, I think I get it from my family because on my mother’s side we have a lot of skilled fashion oriented family members and on my dad’s side, there are a lot of creative family members who are interested in art, graphic design, etc. I honestly can’t see myself doing something related to science or math just simply because of my interests, however, I’ve been raised to always stay open minded!


How did you feel when accepted onto Project Runway Junior?

When I got accepted to be apart of Project Runway Junior I honestly didn’t know how to react. At first I thought it was a game being played on me because during that time I had just started getting serious about fashion. I looked at it as a sign that told me that this is the field that I belonged in. Very grateful for the school and specifically my fashion teacher, Ms. David who nominated me to audition in the first place. She has defiantly taught me to be fearless.


How do you manage school and career?

Managing both school and career life can be tricky if you don’t know how to manage your time well. I’m currently a Senior in Fashion Industries High School, which helps due to the fact that I’m in a creative atmosphere on a daily basis. I’m always learning something new. However, I’m not saying that it doesn’t get hectic, because it defiantly does. Honestly, you just have to be organized and manage your time well as I mentioned before. Sometimes I even do my homework on the train so that I have more free time for brainstorming at home! Even if this lifestyle results in me loosing some of my social life, it’s all worth it at the end. You get what you give. So put effort into everything you do, so that it may come back to you in a positive manner.


Was there a time you ever felt like giving up?

I feel like no matter how much you are designated to a particular career choice/path, you’re always going to come across a time where you doubt yourself, which eventually leads into giving up. But they to success is to not give up. Taking breaks may be okay from time to time, which I can relate to a lot being that I get bored quickly. So I’m not your typical designer who’s sewing every second of my life haha! Personally, if I want to take a break, I substitute that time with getting inspired so that not all of my time is technically being wasted, as opposed to the actual hands on process. Just stay balanced, stay productive and have a good support system even if that means “me, myself and I”


Ending the show with such success where do you see yourself after high school?

After High School, I see myself in a fashion oriented college, a well payed job, internships and hopefully with an affordable apartment in Brooklyn/Queens. I see this point in my life as being the beginning of becoming independent and not having to rely on mom/dad too much for my security. Pretty much anything related to the creative field is where I see myself being at that time.


Anything we should know about that wasn’t aired on Project Runway Junior?

There isn’t much of a different between what was aired and what didn’t air on Project Runway Junior. I stayed true to myself on and off camera! Haha I think the only difference would be that the designers and I interacted more off camera being that there wasn’t any pressure to complete a challenge off camera. They’re all hilarious and we defiantly all got along well. I miss them! Too bad I’m the only one that lives in NY.


Tell us about your final collection. What inspired it?

My final collection was inspired by tactical military uniforms. I basically wanted to put a feminine twist on these traditional uniform without being too literal. This was my first collection that I’ve done on my own and I can’t say that it was easy. But everything is a learning experience, so now I can take this experience with me whenever I make collections in the future! Nothing could’ve compared to how this experience was for all of us. Still can’t believed it happened.


Do you have any upcoming projects? News? What can we expect?

I released my first unisex collection for fall/winter 2016 which I am still really excited about. I don’t have a website as of yet but for now they can be viewed via Instagram @smc.official ! For now I’m working on spring/summer 2016 and I have to say that we won’t be seeing as many pockets in this collection as Ive done in the past! Haha, but that’s what fashion is all about. Taking risks, being different, and coming up with new ideas!


Be sure to be share, watch the finale and follow Samantha’s journey! Get on her Instagram @svmvnthac

  • Amy

    I can’t find her on instagram.. this is so depressing. Does she have social media or not? I need to see her work. I am a fan .. lol

    • Ariella

      She does! Get at her @svmvnthac. Send her my love! xo Ariella

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