Screw up, Everyone’s doing it

Let’s face it; we are not perfect, we are far from it. There’s never an ideal time to do anything! Whether it’s to complete college, start a business or even begin a family. There are always decisions, inadequate plans and mistakes to be made. But, there is always a right time to follow your dreams.


Put your doubts aside, take a chance and go for it. If you are afraid to fail, know that everyone is! The fear of failing is your greatest enemy. Mistakes are meant to happen. Life happens! Nobody knows what he or she is doing. Learn as you go! Screw up and progress.


I did everything opposite. I had my children by the age of 19, attempted college, dropped out and set out to follow my dreams. Eventually, I plan to finish but for now I am first a mom, wife, and stylist.


I made a promise to never settle, continue to doubt myself and allow my children to see me fail. Never doubt whom you are, who you want to be and how far you are planning to go. The world is full of possibilities. Take risks, believe in your talent and succeed.


After 3 years of trials and experience, I am finally following my own advice and starting with launch of my new site! Shits about to get real. Are you ready for this?


I now dare you to follow your dreams! While you’re at it, screw up along the way. Your struggles are only a part of the journey.

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