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When I first started interning, I felt encouraged every time I met a mom backstage. I admired them! It was a form of hope for myself. Each of them were working towards their dreams in the industry, providing for their children and simply being kick ass MOMS! Monica Haynes was one of them. At that time, I was 19 with two kids trying to step outside my comfort zone and follow my dreams. Meeting her and watching her incredible success throughout the years has been inspiring. I am excited to introduce her to all of you!


Name: Monica Haynes

Age: 38 , I’m a 1977 Virgo baby!

Hometown: Born & raised in Cincinnati, Ohio


Education: I am the proud alum of Princeton High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) and the Class of 1995. GO VIKES! I am also the proud alum of Morgan State University, where I obtained my B.S. in Marketing and my M.B.A. with a concentration in Marketing. I also played four years on the MSU Volleyball team, where we won back-to-back MEAC Championships and competed in the Div I NCAA tournament. GO BEARS!


Profession: I am a MOMPRENEUR. By definition, that is a “female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.” I salute all entrepreneurs out there making things happen, stepping out of their comfort zone, and making their dreams a reality.
I run a home-based health & wellness business (www.WrapMaven.com) and also manage my professional modeling & acting career. I am truly living my dream after 15 years in Corporate America. I am fully rewired and loving it!


How do you manage your career and motherhood?

Well, it seems all my life it has been a huge balancing act. I like to credit being a student-athlete both in high school and in college for helping mold me as a great multi-tasker… on top of being a Virgo, of course! I take great pride in being able to juggle A LOT at once, and with grace. Becoming a working mother was a natural fit for me. Although I absolutely hated going back to work after having each of my babies (maternity leave in the US should be that of Canada’s — one year long), I adjusted and made it work. Daycare is a beautiful thing, and I have the most supportive and hands-on husband to share in the sleep-deprived, crazy parental moments of our life.

During the time I had my two babies (daughter Hayden is turning 8 this month and son “LV” is turning 6 in April) I was climbing the Corporate America ladders. 15 years of service via three corporations. I was blessed to have great companies and co-workers to work with, but I soon found out that Corporate America, while financially rewarding and stable for my family, was extremely unfulfilling and utterly draining for me as a mother. I was literally burned out and ready for change. I had hopes of being a mother that was more hands on and just “available” and I found myself not being very hands on and not available because I was working so much. My stress was through the roof – I just wanted my freedom back! A job in territory sales often leaves you working from the road all day, eating breakfast/lunch/sometimes dinner on the road. Having my children wake up each morning with Mommy already out of the house, killed me. Thank goodness for my husband, Lenny, for holding down the morning fort… but I wanted to be home more. Hence, after much prayer and thought… I took a leap of faith and left my 15-year career in 2013 to run my own home-based business with IT WORKS. www.WrapMaven.com was open for business 24 hours! I had been working my business part-time very successfully and it just made sense to make the transition to full-time entrepreneurship. Which, in turn, allowed me to be the better mother I desperately wanted to be and also explore other passions and dreams. My newfound flexibility allowed me to dream bigger… pursuing acting and even more modeling opportunities. One of my favorite quotes by Tony Gaskins Jr., “If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Well, it was time I made my own dreams come true and hire myself!


How do you unwind?

When I do force myself to unwind, I do so by treating myself to a spa day at home. I wrap up my belly, do an exfoliating peel on my face and put on a hydrating facial (all products from my IT WORKS product line, of course)… and binge watch on my favorite Netflix series & movies. I do love a hot cup of peppermint tea and a 20-minute power nap.


What is your current must have?

My current must-haves are my IT WORKS supplements by far!! After turning 35 or so, I realized my body needed help! Supplements are my fuel and my energy each day. Along with great nutrition, I must have a great lip gloss and mascara. Some days, that is all I have time to put on with my busy schedule.


Where are your favorite places to shop?

I am not a huge shopper at malls or stores, but I do love to SHOP SMALL online. Some of my favorite online boutiques are www.loveHUSHboutique.com and www.loveITFactorBoutique.com. I love supporting other GIRL BOSSES! Other than online shopping, you may find me in a TJ Maxx or Marshalls… and can’t leave out Target. Great finds there!


Any advise on how to be a successful MOMpreneur?

Mompreneurs can thrive in business by making sure they put out who they are through their products or service. I love to be transparent and real in my journey as a mompreneur. Monica the mom, the wife, the athlete, the model, the actress, etc…I like to share my days and what makes me ME. I am a product of my product and I love to simply share what I love. My purpose, now at age 38, is to follow my passions in life. And follow what feels good. “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”


Do you have any upcoming projects? News? What can we expect?

Look for me in the upcoming Season 4 of House of Cards (Netflix) as I resume my duties as a secret service agent. I am also a proud Mommy model for the upcoming RUNWAY MOMS FOR A CAUSE event happening May 13th in Washington, DC. I will be walking the runway for a very great cause. More information & tickets can be found here: www.runwaymoms.org

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played a part in my journey. I plan to continue to do my friends & family proud.


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