Orlando ain’t ready for us | How to shop your closet while packing ✈️

*Screaming* We’re going to Orlando on Friday! Watch out Florida, we’re coming through. I can’t even express my excitement. I seriously can’t wait to get the hell out of Jersey. My husband and I SO need this vacation! You heard me right. Just the two of us! A little Valentine’s Day getaway!


We’re meeting a couple of our close friends. So, acting like a group of grown teenagers will definitely be on the agenda. I don’t know what I’m more excited about, burying myself in the warm sand or dancing the night away!


Saving whatever we can for this trip, you would be surprised to know I did not shop for it at all. How could I not? I know! I mean, how often do I get to go on vacation with my husband? Never! Usually when you go on a trip, you splurge on yourself a bit right? Not this girl. I was good and I had to do my shopping entirely from my closet. How did I do it? I don’t even know but I did! (I get points for that right honey?) Here are the questions I asked myself:


  • What’s the weather? No brainer. Always check what the weather is going to be. This gives you an idea of what you need to bring exactly. Shorts? Jeans? A coat? Who knows? I like to be prepared.


  • What haven’t I worn? Grab those pieces you have yet to wear. Maybe you were saving it for a special occasion, completely forgot it was even in your closet (guilty) or, you were waiting for a reason to wear it. Now you do!


  • What makes me look good? Grab those pieces that make you feel like, “Damn, I look good.” Don’t worry about wearing them more than once. They’re always great for back up in case an outfit doesn’t look as planned. So, bring your favorites!


  • Can this fit in my carry on? I admit I am a huge penny pincher. With kids you have to be. If it’s a short trip and I can get away with a free carry on, believe it’s all going to fit no matter what. Find the lightweight pieces in your closet typically, dresses, flowing tops and easy to fold garments. I *always* need a variety. The more you can fit the better!


Are you going anywhere for Valentine’s Day? Let me know where you’re going! Send me pictures and use these tips to help you pack!

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