No excuses! I made the first step, can you? | BTS Rachel Zenh

Its’ been a while but, I did it. After being out of the game for a year, I finally set up a photo shoot in New York to get some work in. With my kids visiting grandma for the summer I had to take the chance to style… make myself feel alive again! You know what I mean? Dreams don’t work themselves.


Focus on yourself from time to time. It’s ok! Never forget who you are and who you want to become. Trust me your kids or man know your bad ass and love them. It will make you a better parent or person later. So, go ahead be selfish, live life and get inspired.


Find your purpose and follow your dreams! As a mommy and wife, I am doing my best to follow mine. There are no excuses not to accomplish them. Get on it. Find the time to keep moving forward. Keep on, keepin’ on!


Photographer: John Ellis | Model: Rachel Zenh | Makeup: Soo Park | Clip: Angela at Box of Knots

Embellished vintage jacket | Beach Riot swim suit | H&M stacked rings

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