I am selfish! | New Year’s vow

Well, as my husband lays here with great support “fake sleeping” let’s get real. My life isn’t glamorous. But, it’s mine. I’m blessed, grateful and like everyone else, growing. We’re all still learning, making mistakes and, always striving for something better.


I may be a little late but it’s cool right? It only took me an entire month to realize what I needed to change. For this New Year, I vow to be more selfish. Yes, selfish! Focus on myself for a change and my family. Do more projects, take more trips, read more books, and perfect my skills! Maybe even more personal styling? What do you think? Any suggestions?


I lost a part of myself last year. I accomplished a few projects and attended fashion week but was it enough? I got caught in trying to make everyone else happy. Putting others needs before my own.


Don’t diminish yourself behind others. I did that. For a while, I felt lost, hurt, angry and searching for something greater than me. I forgot about myself, my blog for one, my dignity, my faith, my goals and consistency in following my dreams. It’s crazy how much time was wasted. Have fun, love life, pay it forward but never lose yourself in the process.


Always take time to rejuvenate you. Remove *all* the negative, get your nails done, take a small shopping trip, have a glass of wine, blast your music, dance in your underwear, get an entire wardrobe makeover! Whatever is going to remind you of your worth. Start new! Find your purpose. Or, get out there and start from where you left off. Just go!


So, here’s to a kick ass New Year! Who’s ready to make a change with me? Be selfish and never forget about Y-O-U!

  • Lakia

    I was there at one point in time–feeling lonely, hurt, angry, and definitely searching for something greater! It was in those moments of losing myself that I started to gain clarity on what my purpose was. It was probably one of the most DEPRESSING times of my life lol, but I’m grateful and appreciative of everything I’ve gone through. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • Ariella

      Yes! Those obstacles make you stronger. It’s always great to know you’re not alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It made my day!

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