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Ok, I suck at social media. I’m sorry! I’m trying to get better. I swear! Who knew Instagram had a direct message? Ok, I did. But, completely overlooked my alerts. I’m totally using the, I have 2 kids as an excuse.


Absolutely clueless to my DM, I had several style gurus’ reach out to ask if School of Style was worth it. For anyone trying to become a stylist or want an inside on how to become successful in the fashion industry, I say, HELL YES!


I enjoyed and profited from the courses SO much, I didn’t only take just one class but four: Introduction to Styling, the Stylist Certification Series, the Personal Styling Certification and The Shoot. I will say, when I attended the Stylist Certification Series course it was only one day now it’s nine! So, I’d say right now is definitely a better time to sign up! I’m honestly curious to know what they’ve added myself.


Even with prior and current experience in the industry, I continued to attend. Call me a nerd but I always want to learn something new, grow my knowledge and perfect my skills. And, on the real, I learned something new every single time! Some of which I *wish* I knew before I started my business. Until this day, I still refer to my School of Style textbooks for guidance and review.


OG Textbooks

Collection of OG textbooks


Luke and Lauren don’t only instruct you about styling and fashion. They get down to the bizz-ness! They cover billing, contracts and the not so glamorous shady aspects of the industry. Take notes! They tell you like it is. Which is the best part of each course. No BS.


So, cost and travel seems to be a huge aspect on your decision to attend. Maybe take one or two now, and the next in 2017? They’re not going anywhere. I attended the introduction, styling and shoot one year and, personal styling a few years later!


Whether it’s in Los Angeles or New York, each course is instructed the same. And, the guest speakers are always on point! I attended in both locations. Both were amazing! If you have family or friends in the area you can crash with, do it. I understand the school has payment plans as well. Use it! Or, save that *money* so you can! Honestly, think of it as an investment on yourself and dream! It’s. Worth. It.


And, once you become a graduate they hit you up with SO many opportunities to build your resume and start working. I swear, I receive one or two in my inbox almost *every* single day! After attending, School of Style is going to be one of your biggest supporters!


Seriously, get on it! And, let them know I sent you. Do whatever it takes to go. Whether it’s to become a successful stylist, know what it takes to make it in the industry or, a tool to take your business to the next level, you will not regret it.


Take the first step to your dream job! Click here to sign up!


Have additional questions? Leave them in the comments below, visit their site here or, catch me on social media! I promise to get back to you.

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