Ballin’ on a budget | JC Penney

Let me tell you, I got such a steal on clothes this past weekend. And, you will never guess where! I’ll give you a moment… JC Penney! I love discovering new places to shop but would you have ever guessed? No right?


Besides finding a cute underground shop or boutique, I’m pretty fixed on the stores I am comfortable shopping at already. Never did I think to look there. My life has changed! I saved about $500 on clothes and shoes for my kids. I am officially a JC Penney customer. My grandma would be so proud.


Seriously, they had a great variety of styles for the entire family. Granted, I did not buy anything for my husband. Sorry, babe. A back-to-school shopping trip for my kids ended up being for myself as well. But, that’s ok. Let me add, a great variety of styles for those on a budget. Who doesn’t love a stocked clearance rack? And wait, an additional discount? I was stoked. I felt like I was ballin’ *not*.


So, you guys want to see a peak of what I got? I definitely want to share! Check them out and let me know what you think. Better yet, let me know what you buy! Get on that coupon game and save! JC Penney has a $10 off your $25 purchase now until September 7. Get on it here! And, I want to see what you get in the comments below!


Just a few of my steals: Oversize plaid shirt $13.49 | Natural knit sweater $8.28 | Ivory striped V neck sweater $7.99

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