Ballin’ on a budget | Ross

So, I’ve been on a tearing my jeans up sort of streak. And, it’s not because I’m gaining weight. I may drop it down low from time to time [funny story about that actually] but in my defense I wore them on the daily. I admit they were my favorites and definitely got their use. It was hard to let them go.


I’m now down 3 pairs of jeans. My Citizen of Humanity’s (loved), Premium Gap jeans (my everyday) and my Hudson’s! My favorite. Which tore up while pop lock and dropping it. Don’t judge. My husband and I were celebrating our eleven-year anniversary. Not your typical mommy and daddy date but we still like to keep it fresh. I was devastated. My entire butt cheek was out but you know as stylists we need to act fast. I grabbed my husbands flannel and wrapped it around my waist. Nobody ever knew.


I held onto each of them as long as I could. My husband had to watch me throw them in the trash. Sometimes you need that push! You know those perfect jeans that hold your booty up good and had comfort you could do sprints in? Not literally but you know what I mean. Those were these jeans. And, I paid good money for them. Good jeans are not cheap.


But, when you can’t afford those jeans at the moment where do you go? Never did I think Ross. I typically go there for their home décor and household clearance always skipping the clothes. Nothing ever seemed to catch my eye. The quality, styles, and brands they have… Not me.


My friend came to visit and swore on their variety of jeans. Of course, I love to try new brands and stores to share so I gave it try. Ladies, I got three pairs of jeans for only $33! I usually pay about $50 to $100 a pair! And, that’s on sale. My mind was blown.


They not only fit me like a glove, hold my booty up but also, the comfort is ridiculous. I can drop it low, keep up with my kids and actually have the want to put jeans on. I know I’m not the only one who hates the struggle and work to put them on. Tell me not? I even got an oversized cardigan for only $12. Not bad! I love it for those lazy days and I just want to throw something on.


This trip has definitely changed my take on what Ross has available. Don’t be afraid to try new stores or brands and let me know what you find! How are you ballin’ on a budget?

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