Backstage: VFILES Made Fashion

Arriving at the tents in Lincoln Center, it was an awe to see such a different atmosphere of fashion gurus. I could not help but soak in all the energy, confidence, originality and style each individual had. VFILES is definitely not for the chic at heart.

It was as if I had stepped into the 90’s. Polaroid cameras, crimped hair, vintage high waisted jeans and men rocking the booya cut. I even saw a Lindsey Lohan for Dooney and Bourke bag on one of the attendees! You remember that? A bag I once had and now, have passed onto my daughter.

With Brooklyn-based music producer A-Trak deejaying the show models let loose, twerking and getting hype before hitting the runway. Everyone knew their job, and got it done while having a kick ass time. Backstage was a party! This was definitely an experience I could aspire from.

There is no doubt, VFILES Made Fashion.

xo, Ariella

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