Ariella Faith: FGI DC Rising Star Stylist

My heart was beating a mile a minute; it was time for the Fashion Group International of Greater Washington DC Rising Star’s Stylist category. Lauren Rothman, author of Style Bible and on-air style expert announced the nominees… and, the winner for the stylist category is Ariella Faith. At that second, my mind could not comprehend. I stood there as if I was in denial. Did she really say my name? As I was gently guided to the podium, it finally dawned onto me I won. I could not help but, burst out in tears.

Standing there in my Goodwill gown, tears constantly running through my face and glaring eyes all on me, I was lost for words. I had a million different emotions. Being a fashion stylist is truly a dream and passion of mine. I thank my fiancé, family and friends that have supported me along the way. It has been a tremendous challenge and struggle but, I am determined to succeed. I have made a promise to myself, family and children. Everything I do, I do for them.

With this award, it makes living in my parents’ 1 bedroom basement, being on food stamps and gambling all that I have on my dreams worth it. It gives me reassurance the struggle will pass and, this circumstance is temporary. I am doing something right. All my hard work and determination is paying off. I will succeed. With great passion, gratitude and determination anything is possible.


xo, Ariella

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