All I want for my birthday… | Weekend celebration in New York

I don’t even know where to start! So, Friday was our wedding anniversary, Saturday was my BIRTHDAY and Sunday Mother’s Day! Our weekend celebration was perfect. Big props to my husband! You are amazing.


Here I thought we were doing nothing. We both had work. Nothing was never mentioned or planned. I was clueless. With his annual surprises, I was sure he had something but as time went on… NOTHING! He usually sucks at keeping a surprise. Not this time.




I started taking matters into my own hands. Call us spoiled but Elway is like clock work. The kids and I were expecting something exciting. An adventure!


The minute I started planning, he gave in. To find out, the entire weekend was planned out. We were going to a Broadway Show! New York here we come!


After 11 years together, it still amazes me how much he knows me!


Saturday, May 7


12:00pm Arrival and Check In

1:00pm The Metropolitan Museum

4:00pm Dinner at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

6:30pm Return to the hotel

7:30pm Depart to Gershwin Theatre

8:00pm WICKED!!

11:00pm Insomnia Cookies turned into, Holey Cream


After ALL that, that 1:30am ice cream stuffed donut was BOMB. Seriously, well deserved.


Sunday, May 8


9:00am Breakfast in bed

12:30pm Check out

1:00pm Walk Times Square

3:00pm Late Lunch at Junior’s

5:00pm Head home


Ok, I admit, I helped on this part. My OCD for timing and a well thought out schedule, with our limited time, had to be ON. POINT. With only 2 days off, I was taking full advantage. We were going to make the most of our 72 hours in the city. No stalling. No BS – Just some serious fun, escape from reality and family time!


We haven’t had this much fun in such a long time. For once, I did not stress about money, what can’t we buy, what cant we do. We were limitless. Our priority was to live life! The smiles on our children’s faces were absolutely priceless.


Apparently, we’re no longer going to the movie theatres and saving our money for strictly Broadway shows. According to Ezlaryah.


Wicked was funny, cheerful, quirky, relatable and charming. Their laughter and excitement filled the theatre. It was pure bliss. In that moment, nothing else mattered. I even got talked into buying $4 boxes of candy. Crazy! It’s cool though. It was worth it.




I just want to relive that day over and over. From my kid’s curiosity at the Metropolitan Museum, the celebratory soju shots I took with my husband, to the excitement Ezlaryah and Eciason had during Wicked and, the early morning ice cream and cookies we devoured!


Thank you babe! It was ABSOLUTELY perfect. I have to say, it was the best birthday ever! I love you.

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